Schneider's of Capitol Hill will exclusively handle our Certified Organic, Certified Vegan and Gluten-Free and fairly traded spirits for 2019.


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Champagne Château de Boursault

A Champagne recognized by the greatest guides and distinguished by numerous awards, the Champagne Château de Boursault offers six exceptional cuvées.

The estate of the Château de Boursault is surrounded by our vines, houses our press, our winery and our cellar -- the notion of terroir takes on its full meaning here.

At Château de Boursault they believe no pleasure should be without conscience. As a result, they have obtained two certifications: Sustainable Viticulture and High Environmental Value.
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Juniper Green London Dry Gin

The grain for Juniper Green is grown organically. FairWild Juniper Berries are harvested by hand in Poland and certified Fair Trade. Juniper Green is the only Gin in the world with certification for wild harvested ingredients. All of the carefully selected and prepared botanicals are distilled in a small batch gin still.
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Utkins UK5 Organic Pure Vodka

Utkins UK5 is the world's first certified, 100% organic vodka. Neither charcoal filtering nor additives are required to produce the smooth taste of Utkins UK5 Vodka.

It tastes like vodka tasted 100 years ago before chemicals created the modern, starch-heavy grain that yields hard-flavored alcohol. Utkins UK5 is smooth and clean right out of the still, with a hint of sweetness from the natural fruit esters.

Utkins UK5 Vodka received a Gold Medal in the vodka section of the International Wine & Spirits Competition. Judges agreed with the verdict of consumers who have declared Utkins UK5 to be "the best vodka we have ever tasted."

It’s possibly the purest vodka on earth. Why do premium vodkas charcoal filter their vodkas up to seven times? Is it necessary or marketing? We believe it’s a bit of both.
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